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Pedomap.Live project is launched by PRODAFT SARL to track down pedophiles on the web using company's proprietary Passive Deep-Web Sensor technology.

Although we have had numerous successful cases in which several pedophiles were convicted based on our IP data in some countries, we have had to review our platform in the light of our discussions with several LE (Law Enforcement) organizations around the rest of the world. We have been notified that it is not possible for authorized bodies and agencies to utilize any of the personal data (IP address and location) indicated on PEDOMAP project for the purpose of locating / investigating a suspect, due to policy regulations and rules of engagement.

Also, as previously disclosed, none of the data collected herein are acquired by using offensive / intrusive methods and mediums. On the other hand, as LE bodies are unable to verify the integrity of the data themselves, we were informed that it is not possible for them to acquire such sensitive information from a private company such as PRODAFT.

Yet; this does not mean that PEDOMAP will stop acting as a very effective tool against sexual exploitation of minors. In light of these recent understandings, our team has decided to provide LE agencies with other important non-personal identifiers, such as URL and Metadata information hosting CSAM content. This way, we believe that LE agencies can structure their own investigation, guided by the non-personal data we provide. In other words; we will try our best to assist the authorized agencies in their hard work to identify suspects, rather than carrying out the analysis ourselves.

Therefore, if you are a representative of any authorized law enforcement organization, please feel free to get in touch with us, in order to acquire the URL and hashes stated above. If you are a civil volunteer in the battle against sexual exploitation of minors, please share this page to create further awareness.

Best regards,